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Amazon Seller & Vendor Central Management
Amazon Sponsored Products and Listing Optimization
Measurable Results
We provide a custom dashboard for your team that integrates Amazon, Facebook and other relevant services so you can clearly see all your KPI's on one easy-to-use Dashboard and never wonder what results you're getting from Commerce Machine.  

Listing Optimization
We will continually optimize your listings to improve search visibility and conversion rates to help increase your Amazon sales. Our proprietary suite of tools helps us create an action plan of which keywords to target and content to create to increase sales.  
Amazon Sponsored Products and Listing Optimization
Sponsored Ad Management
We utilize machine learning technology to optimize your Sponsored Listings and Headline Search Ad campaigns for the lowest ACoS at the highest volume while increasing your organic ranking on high-value keywords. 
Off-Platform Traffic for Scale
Our partnerships with Facebook, Google and Snapchat ads help us accelerate your Amazon sales by advertising your products to extremely targeted groups of potential customers. 
Content Creation 
Our team of copywriters and designers will work together to create custom branded images, videos, Enhanced Brand Content, product descriptions, key features and more, effectively increasing your sales while telling your brand story and maintaining your brand identity. 
Facebook Ad Management
As a Facebook-certified agency buyer, our team works directly with Facebook to make sure your campaigns are scaled properly and running smoothly. 

Commerce Machine works with your team to plan, design, execute and optimize a paid Facebook ad strategy that delivers leads, sales and ROI so that you can focus on the bigger picture. 

Our data-driven approach results in more leads, sales, and profit than others by continually optimizing and refining creative, copy and ad spend to run at scale only the most profitable ads, targeting and bidding strategies. 

We run Facebook campaigns for e-commerce brands looking for sales, financial companies looking for leads, mobile companies looking for app installs and hundreds of other niches. 
Brands We've Helped
Mobile Marketing
We've generated millions of app installs and cultivated strong mobile engagement over the last 7+ years for companies like Uber, King, Lyft and many more.
FB Chat Bots
Our custom built Facebook chat bots have real conversations with your potential clients - automating the lead filtering and collection process for you. 
Video Ad Creation
Video is the most engaging ad unit on Facebook and our staff will create custom videos for your company that we can utilize to drive high quality leads. 
Content Marketing
We'll use a 3-part approach of awareness, education, conversion to product content-rich articles that engage and pre-sell your customers.  
We're ready to start growing your customers and sales today!
ICO Marketing 
Social Ad Management
Amazon Ad Management
Amazon Listing Optimization
Chatbot's for Lead Generation
Token Generation Event Marketing
Comprehensive Digital Marketing Management
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