We help businesses dramatically
grow their online sales
Facebook and Instagram Ads, Email Marketing, Amazon Listing Optimization and other 
customer acquisition strategies to help you scale your business 
Blockchain Companies
We're actively generating thousands of leads a week for Blockchain companies to generate awareness and investor leads in various ICOs and blockchain technologies using paid social image and video ads.
Consumer Goods
For over 2 years, we've been running direct-response campaigns for worldwide e-commerce brands and consumer goods agencies -- generating millions of dollars in purchases annually. 
Financial Lead Gen
Our team has worked for some of the largest financial advertisers in the U.S. We're extremely effective at driving high-volume, low CPA quality leads in mortgage, auto, solar, debt and more.
Cannabis Companies
Think your cannabis company can't advertise online? Think again!  We generate content and ad strategies to put your brand in front of relevant audiences across the web on banners, podcasts, native ads and more.
We're an Extension of Your Marketing Team
Facebook Ad Management
As a Facebook-certified agency buyer, our team works directly with Facebook to make sure your campaigns are scaled properly and running smoothly. 

Commerce Machine works with your team to plan, design, execute and optimize a paid Facebook ad strategy that delivers leads, sales and ROI so that you can focus on the bigger picture. 

Our data-driven approach results in more leads, sales, and profit than others by continually optimizing and refining creative, copy and ad spend to run at scale only the most profitable ads, targeting and bidding strategies. 

We run Facebook campaigns for e-commerce brands looking for sales, financial companies looking for leads, mobile companies looking for app installs and hundreds of other niches. 
Facebook Ad Management & Optimization
Amazon Sponsored Products and Listing Optimization
Amazon Optimization & Ad Management
44% of online shoppers start their search on Amazon.com. Are your Amazon listings and ads as optimized as they can be to make sure those 300 million+ shoppers can find your product? 

Since 2015 we've been optimizing on-page SEO of product pages and managing Sponsored Product campaigns for Amazon sellers. 

Whether you want your store set-up from scratch or campaigns launched for your most popular products, Commerce Machine is the team for you. 
Social & Native Ads Management
Snapchat Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Google, Taboola and more. 
We strategize with your team to match the right traffic source with your goals to ensure we're finding your best customers. 

Our team is experienced in managing and optimizing ad campaigns across Social, Native, Video, SEM and Mobile ad platforms. 

Curious if we can run a campaign on a specific medium? Reach out and ask!

Paid Social Ad Management. Snapchat ads, Reddit ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, Native Ads
Services We Offer
Call/Lead Generation
We generate customers for your business via calls, leads, walk-in customers...whatever you need, we'll find your ideal prospect/customer. 
Email Campaigns
We create professionally written email sequences that motivate your potential customers to take action and engage with your business. 
Sales Funnels
Our team will create landing pages that are built specifically to drive certain actions like call you, fill out information, download a coupon and more. 
Ad Management
We've spent years managing ad campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. We use the same big-budget skills to generate business for you. 
Mobile Marketing
We've generated millions of app installs and cultivated strong mobile engagement over the last 7+ years for companies like Uber, King, Lyft and many more.
FB Chat Bots
Our custom built Facebook chat bots have real conversations with your potential clients - automating the lead filtering and collection process for you. 
Video Ad Creation
Video is the most engaging ad unit on Facebook and our staff will create custom videos for your company that we can utilize to drive high quality leads. 
Content Marketing
We'll use a 3-part approach of awareness, education, conversion to product content-rich articles that engage and pre-sell your customers.  
We Generate You More Customers

Our experienced campaign managers will create and oversee your ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Reddit, Snapchat and many more.  

They'll manage the image & video ad creation, targeting, optimization, sales funnels, email sequences and retargeting campaigns with one unified goal -- generate as many customers for you at the lowest possible price. 

Facebook ads for local businesses
Facebook advertising for local business
We Find the Clients You Want
We focus on paid social advertising to drive users to your business. This results in an immediate and constant flow of new customers through your doors. When we turn it on, customers start calling/visiting. 

We can target prospects based on thousands of relevant attributes, including location, behaviors, interest and job. We can even take a list of your best customers and find new prospects that are very similar! 

Our team will help you find your ideal customer across multiple ad platforms around the web for high quality, targeted leads. 
We've Done This for Years
We're experienced ad professionals that spend millions of dollars each year on paid advertising. Our experience and expertise drive campaigns that result in your business growing customers and sales, profitably. 

We aren't cheap, but the measurable results we bring are worth every penny.

We become an extension of your team and a trusted partner to generate you new business, steadily, month over month. 
Facebook ads for service providers
We are your 
digital marketing team
The problem with most digital marketing agencies is that they're not incentivized to hit your goals. They're incentivized to spend as much money as possible at a number that is close enough to your goal that you won't cancel. 

We become an extension of your marketing team and work for a unified goal -- The most sales/leads at the lowest possible CPA. 
Experts in sales and lead generation
Our team comes from funded start-ups, large digital agencies and huge corporations where we've spent millions of dollars on advertising each year for the largest brands and agencies in the world.

We're focused on bringing those same high-stakes, sales & lead generation strategies to our clients to dramatically grow their business by generating the most sales/leads at the lowest CPA. 
We're ready to start growing your customers and sales today!
Social Ad Management
Amazon Ad Management
Amazon On-Page SEO
Chatbot's for Lead Generation
Comprehensive Digital Marketing Management
Shopify Marketing Experts
Bing Ads Accredited Professional
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