Facebook Ads for Plastic Surgeons
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Posted: 7/24/17
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Facebook Ads for Plastic Surgeons
Commerce Machine manages Facebook and Instagram ads for plastic surgeons around the country. 
Plastic Surgeons in 2017 are savvier than ever when it comes to marketing. Most understand the importance of Adwords and good organic rankings and have worked for years with partners to manage these channels and their online reputation. So when an interested prospect is looking for a reputable clinic, doctors with the best Adwords and SEO strategies are showing up on top and getting most of the business. 

As savvy as they are, most are still missing the mark when it comes to marketing on social media. The same Adwords strategies will not work on Facebook and Instagram. It requires a much more complex, multi-layered strategy to take someone through the journey of browsing their friends' updates to scheduling a consultation. As complex as it is, it's totally worth. With 2 billion active users, Facebook is a gold mine for delivering leads and new business. 

So what strategies work? Let's take a deep dive into a campaign that we setup for a client in North Carolina who specializes in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. 

Our clients goals were: 
  1) Increase brand awareness amongst Greensboro area

  2) Get new users to schedule consultations with the doctors

  3) Educate past clients on new available procedures 

After brainstorming with our team and client on our kick-off call was the create the target audiences in Facebook.

We decided to create 3 custom audiences: 
  1) One based on identifiable attributes to target cold prospects (those who have never heard of our client)

  2) Another that took first-party data securely uploaded into Facebook's ad platform to build a "lookalike" audience that was extremely similar to our client's best customers

  3) Using that same first-party data to create an audience of past clients

Our prospecting campaign targeted Women, aged 28+ that live within 25 miles of Greensboro, North Carolina
Based on the feedback from the Doctors, we created a Prospecting ad set to target women within 25 miles of Greensboro, aged 28 and up that: made between $100K - $500K a year; liked luxury travel, luxury vehicles, luxury shopping, or yachts; AND enjoyed reading celebrity news. 
This hyper-targeted audience of prospects would reach 79,000 people in the Greensboro area that fit this avatar. 
For audience #2, we removed all the of the interest-based Detailed Targeting and simply built a Lookalike audience based on a list of email addresses from past clients that we securely uploaded to Facebook's platform. Lookalike has been a "secret weapon" of sorts for the last few years as it lets Facebook's advanced algorithms find other people who are most similar to your best clients. Because it was a geo-targeted campaign, we limited this to Greensboro and up to 25 miles away. 
For audience #3, we targeted the list that we uploaded of our client's best customers. 
Now that we had our audiences defined, we implemented a 3 part Ad Strategy for Audiences #1 and #2 (our prospects). 

The strategy: 
  1) Awareness: Make people aware of our business by showing them ads for free content, relevant to our business and their interests. 

  2) Education: Target the people who interacted with our Step 1 ads with more content that educated them on why our clients are the best at what they do. This builds trust and establishes an "Expert" relationship. 

  3) Conversion: Now that we have a group of people who are aware of our client's business and familiar with them as experts in their field, we can make our pitch. 

Along with this Ad Strategy, we will be implementing a pop-up email collection box on the landing pages that the prospect is directed to after clicking on the ad. When we collect the emails, we will add the prospect to an automated drip email marketing campaign that follows up with more educational and interesting content, and will contain a call-to-action to book an appointment. 
Our Prospecting Ad served as the first ad in the 3-part sequence to audiences 1 & 2
The first ad in our sequence has a few essential elements to increase click through rate and overall engagement. 

Relevancy: Notice how "Greensboro" was called out in two different areas of the ad. Since this ad is targeted only to people in Greensboro, it's extremely relevant and produces higher click through rates than if we didn't include it. 

Tone of Voice: The text above the image is written in a casual tone of voice. It's not immediately an ad, it could easily be an article that their friend shared on her Newsfeed. 

Image: We used an image of a woman (relevant to our audience) with lines on her face. It's intriguing. Why does she have lines on her face? We want people to see this and stop their scrolling to read what we have to say. To make it stand out even more, we added the bright yellow highlighter underneath the text, we increased the contrast of the image, and we increased the vibrancy of her lips and eyes. 

Ad Text: Beyond calling out the City name for relevancy, the headline, link description and text include other subtle elements that touch on: social proof (popularity and celebrities), curiosity (can you guess?) and play on our natural predication to "close the information loop" by leaving the last sentence open-ended with ellipses...
The second ad in our sequence was shown only to people who had expressed interest in our content by clicking on, commenting on, or reacting to the first ad in our sequence; creating an even more targeted audience to show our ads to. 

Our goal in the second ad is to further establish our clients as experts in their industry. 
The elements in our second ad now include:

Relevancy: We didn't include Greensboro in this one, but we establish relevancy by showing people who already expressed interest in an article about plastic surgery, another article about plastic surgery! 

Image: We added the yellow highlighter again (one of our favorites) and included an image of a women making a gesture that seems like she just did something really stupid. (What could it be? Better stop scrolling and see!)

Ad Text: We've used a powerful element here that induces a fear that they could do something wrong if they don't read this article. It establishes our client as an authority, one that is such an expert, they can write guides on which mistakes to avoid.  The text below the headline also reminds the reader that there are lots of popular cosmetic procedures that are inexpensive and don't take much time. 

Step 3 in this ad strategy is conversion. Now that the audience has brand awareness and see's our client as an authority in the space, we will now show them ads that push for them to schedule a free consultation. 

Each of these ads clicked to specific pages that we built that were optimized to collect the prospects email address. As the user was about to leave the content article we created, a box popped up on the screen asking them for their email address. 

Once the email address was submitted, we automatically added them to our email automation marketing campaign. 

Our copywriters created 5 emails to go out over the course of the following 7 days that mixed educational content with stronger calls to action to push for the consultation schedule. 

We also placed tracking pixels on each of the pages, so once a person scheduled they stopped seeing our ads. 

It's crucial to measure every part of your funnel. Pixels need to be placed on all landing pages and emails that are sent out and on the thank you page after the prospect has completed the action you wanted. 

If you're spending money on marketing without analytics and pixels properly placed and tracked, you're almost certainly wasting your ad budget. 

The major takeaways for Facebook Ads for Plastic Surgeons is that unlike Adwords where the prospect is actively searching for your service, you must take a multi-step approach; you can't simply sell from the ad. 

Remember the 3-step strategy of: Awareness, Educate, Convert. This warms the customer up to your brand, helps them trust that you are the best and then pushes them to take action. 

We hope that this helps your practice improve the ROI of your current Facebook Ad Spend or helps give you that little extra push you needed to start Facebook Advertising. 

Of course, if you'd like us to handle this for you, just click the "Learn More" button below and get in touch with us!

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