37 Facebook Ad Tips that 
Drive You More Customers
Author: Chase C.
Posted: 8/8/17
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Drive Leads, Calls and Customers through Facebook Ads
Here are 37 Facebook ad tips that will help drive more sales for your business
Facebook has over 2 billion active users spending on average 50 minutes day now. If you’re like most small businesses, you’ve got your site SEO’d and Adwords running – but aren’t actively advertising on Facebook. You understand the potential that Facebook has to dramatically increase your business, but you haven’t yet tried to jump in and make it work. 

If you aren't using Facebook, you're leaving money on the table. This is where your audience is and Facebook's platform has incredible tools to target the exact customers that you want. 

We've compiled a PDF of 37 tips to help drive customers to your business - let's get into some of these methods now. 

1) Use Lead Ads to generate leads or email subscribers without having a website!
    Don’t have time to build an optimized website for collecting new leads for your business? Facebook Lead Ads work without a website. Facebook collects the leads for you and your team can work the leads in a myriad of different ways.
2) You can now measure how many walk-ins your digital ads generate
    Much of your brick and mortar business might involve foot traffic or calls. You can upload a list of your new business to Facebook to see which campaigns and ads brought that customer to your business. Offline Conversions are being used by tons of local businesses to measure online ad spend.

3) Remarket and cross-sell new products to your past customers
    There’s money in the list! You can upload your list of old customers and offer them a unique opportunity to be a repeat customer, just like you would send an email out to your email list. You can find them on Facebook too.
Use Custom Audiences to upload past customer data to target those users with new products and services you offer. 

4) Find new prospects based on your best customers
    Facebook has a “look-a-like” engine that will convert a small list of your best customers into an audience of millions of potential customers that share the same demographics and interests as the people on your list.

5) Target Income brackets and overlay interest data
    Facebook knows which users fall into what annual income levels. If you know that you’re best customers are in the $150K/yr earning range, you can target those people specifically. Make it even more targeted by layering on additional interest targeting. Want to target Moms who make $125K a year, love Mercedes & Rolex and live in a certain zip code? No problem. 
Example of targeting people based on income and interests
6) Use emoji's in your ads
    Currently you can usually increase the click through rate on your ads by using Emoji’s in the ad copy. Make them relevant and use them to draw your prospects eyes to the points you really want to make sure they see. 🚀 Watch your campaigns take off!

7) Use client testimonials as Video ads
    Your clients love your business, so have them whip out their smartphone and record a 30 to 60 second video testimonial about why they love it. Then run those testimonials as video ads for your prospect to see!
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37 Facebook Ad Tips for Local Businesses
Tested tips to help you execute a Facebook strategy that WILL bring you calls, leads, and customers through your door.

These are the exact strategies we use to drive business every day for local businesses around the Country. 
What You'll Learn 
37 Tips that we've used over the years to run campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. 

These tips will help you create better Facebook Ad campaigns for your local business, whether you're spending $10 a month or $100K a month.

We cover everything from how to write better ad copy, how to increase CTR using some simple image tweaks, which ad units to use to generate Phone calls and much, much more.  
Facebook ads for local businesses
Facebook advertising for local business
What's Inside?
  • A Detailed Overview on digital advertising techniques that result in more clicks, more leads, and more customers
  • A Breakdown of the must-use tips and tricks to create better results for your digital ad campaigns
  •  Major takeaways to dominate digital advertising for your local business
Yes, These Tips Work
This isn't fluff. These are actual tips and strategies we have used to generate millions of dollars in sales. 

These are actionable tips that will help you spend your budget more effectively. 

Take a look at Bill, he has spent over $100,000 on Adwords for his ecommerce store over the last 3 years. He tried Facebook once or twice but couldn't generate a single sale. 

Less than 24 hours after we shared some of the tips that are outlined in this PDF, he sent us this text message. He spent $30 and generated $511 in sales! 

This stuff really works!
Facebook ads for local businesses
37 Facebook Ad Tips that Drive Customers
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